ACAS-Technologies, the world ... easier !

ACAS-Technologies is a young company, specialized in monitoring, surveillance and security of persons, via mobile, connected systems.
It develops, produces and markets individual, wireless, customizable and customizable alarms, to secure the family, from children to grandparents, not to mention pets. All these solutions work on smart devices, via any operating system.

Designed for families

In a society where men and women are increasingly stressed, demanded by a wide range of information, and in which the general level of anxiety is increased, ACAS-Technologies brings simple, effective and easy-to-implement solutions, Assisting parents and caregivers, reassuring them, and securing the family. Initially ACAS-Technologies develops, produces and markets innovative solutions, individual alarms, aimed at children from 0 to 5 years old. All these solutions are called OkiDo.